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Provide loving care in the home or in a hospital 24/7 in all of Puerto Rico. Call for a consultation to 787-726-2272.

Our Mission

To offer excellence in service to the elderly, the handicapped or convalescing individuals who need assistance with the basic necessities in their home or in a hospital with human warmth.

Cuidado en el hogar

Care services available in the …

Cuidado en el Hogar

Care services available in the …

Nuestros Cuidadores

Care services available in the …

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Are you worried and need help because you have a loved one who is ill, or has a condition that can not fend for himself? Are you an older person, has special needs, you have a condition or disability and need personal assistance?

We have the resources to help relieve you and your loved one. Caregivers of Puerto Rico is to assist you in your personal needs and those of your loved one. We can help in the recovery after hip fracture surgery or need relief for caring for a loved one. In Caregivers understand that there are situations in life where we need a faithful hand we reach out to help. Our staff is committed heart to help our customers with their basic needs, such as bathing, housekeeping, assistance in organizing, and physical rehabilitation, among others. Read More

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