Why choose Caregivers de Puerto Rico?

When it comes to needing care several options are available; Elderly Care Centers, Service Centers, Home Health Agencies, home care and more. However, only you can choose the right one.

At Caregivers de Puerto Rico we know it is not easy to invite a stranger into your home to provide services. Because we understand this we strive to create a positive experience. We achieve this experience by keeping to your schedule and providing your loved ones personalized care.

Caregivers meet the criteria to operate in Puerto Rico.

Monitoring is essential

Our administrative staff constantly monitors our caregivers through a one of a kind personalized telephone call or a home visit. We ensure that our clients receive quality and excellence in service in their homes.

We adapt care to your needs

No two people are alike. Therefore, your needs can be different than those of someone else. Whether you need a break, the minimum being  four hours of service or a service for 24 hours a day, seven days a week or any other care, we adapt our schedule to your needs. Caregivers de Puerto Rico will provide the caregiver that meets to your needs.

Our agency tailors its care program to your needs and we are flexible in changing it when the circumstances warrant it