Caring with Art

Caring with Art is an innovative concept which we have integrated as a therapeutic benefit for our clients.


Objective: Support and facilitate, depending on the situation, the expressive and emotional needs of the client, or their families, with specific attention to the artistic material offered and respect for the creative process of the client to provide calm and relaxation.


Methodology: Our knowledgeable staff is focused on the qualities and specificity in the use of artistic materials. Using different artistic techniques for example, collage of magazines, Mandala, free drawing, interior landscape amongst others helps the client in expressing their emotions, releasing tension, anxiety and stress.

This process facilitates moments of relaxation and activates internal resources (those internal tools that are utilized to confront situations) of the client. Focus is maintained on the artistic and aesthetic images created, without delving into the psychological aspect.


Caring with Art allows our clients a means for free expression, where they are not focused on their illness and opens new channels of communication.


Caring with Art helps to:

  • Facilitates a state of calm and relaxation
  • Relieves tension, anxiety and stress
  • Recognize and express emotions
  • Facilitates the stimulation of sensory perceptions and create a state of wellbeing
  • Activate internal resources as well as providing entertainment